Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Here's to Never Growing Up"? More like "Here's to Disappointing Us"

Avril Lavigne has finally released her newest single, "Here's to Never Growing Up," (link below) and many of us Lavigne fans have been waiting breathlessly for it. The response to the lyric video on YouTube seems overwhelmingly positive, but as for me, I'm not too happy.

With topics like being repeatedly told to grow up, drinking whatever, and remaining perpetually young, Lavigne's newest single seems pretty familiar... let's see, what does it remind us of? Oh, that's right! Every pop song written ever!

I have been a fan of the Canadian pop artist since the wildly popular "Complicated" and subsequent pieces. Unfortunately, I and many others seem to feel that as Lavigne grew in age, her songs shrunk in content. "Let Go"? Awesome! Meaningful! "Under My Skin"? Cool! A bit punky but cool nonetheless.

But "The Best Damn Thing"? Don't even get me started. Too late, I'm started. Let's count the meaningful, relatable, or, hell, real: . Oh, that's right. There aren't any. (In all seriousness, however, "When You're Gone" and "Innocence" did express some emotion.) "Goodbye Lullaby" was a little better with at least a couple decent pieces.

Nonetheless, I really feel that Avril has lost her touch and her voice. Her music doesn't sound like her anymore. She's gone Pop. Almost all of her third album sounds like any other pop musician, and basically every piece on the fourth is the same. I had high hopes, perhaps unreasonably, that "Here's to Never Growing Up" would be like the early Avril Lavigne pieces, but it seems we'll have to settle for Katy Perry-esque pop.

I'll keep my fingers crossed, but for those of you with me on the topic of super pop-y music infiltrating the rest of the music industry, don't hold your breath.

Unless you also really hate pop music.

(Plus, those lines about Radiohead and boom boxes? If you're trying to stay young and in touch with today's youth, boomboxes may not be the way to go).

Link to lyric video: youtube.com/#/watch?v=iFSaNmZyPQo

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